DESCRIPTION: This compulsory module examines the meanings of health, the perceptions individuals have about health and the range of factors and behaviours that influence health. Students are introduced to health promotion and investigate approaches and strategies that can assist individuals to achieve better health.
What does health mean to individuals? - meanings of healthhealthy.jpg- definitions of health- dimensions of health- relative and dynamic nature of health- perceptions of their health- perceptions of health of others eg parents, the elderly, the homeless- implications of different perceptions of health- perceptions of health as social constructs- impact of the media, peers and family- health behaviours of young people- the positive health status of young people- protective behaviours and risk behaviours

What influences the health of individuals?
- the determinants of health
- individual factors, eg knowledge and skills, attitudes, genetics
- sociocultural factors, eg family, peers, media, religion, cultureEnvironment.jpg
- socioeconomic factors, eg employment, education, income
- environmental factors, eg geographical location, access to health services
and technology
- the degree of control individuals can exert over their health
- modifiable and non-modifiable health determinants
- the changing influence of determinants through different life stages
- health as a social construct
- recognises the interrelationship of determinants
- challenges the notion that health is solely an individual's responsibility

What strategies help to promote the health of individuals?
- responsibility for health promotion
- individuals
- community groups/schools
- non-government organisations
- government
- international organisations, eg WHO, United Nations
- health promotions approaches and strategies
- lifestyle/behavioural approaches, eg quit smoking programs, health education
- preventative medical approaches, eg childhood immunisation, cancer screening
- public health approaches, eg health-promoting schools and workplaces
- the Ottawa Charter as an effective health promotion framework
- developing personal skills
- creating supportive environments
- strengthening community action
- reorienting health services
- building health public policy
- principles of social justice
- equity
- diversity
- supportive environments

Australian QUIT Smoking advertisements. Source: Youtube

1. Not being able to afford gym membership is a/an

a) Social factor that may influence an individual’s participation in physical activity
b) Economic factor that may influence an individual’s participation in physical activity
c) Cultural factor that may influence an individual’s participation in physical activity
b) Emotional factor that may influence an individual’s participation in physical activity

2. Suggested physical activity guidelines for young Australians are:

a) Children and teenagers should be physically active when they feel like it
b) Children and teenagers should not engage in vigorous activities
c) Children and teenagers do not need to participate in any physical activity
d) Children and teenagers should be physically active everyday in as many ways as they can

3. The physical benefits of participating in regular physical activity include:

a) Enhancement of self esteem and self confidence
b) Opportunity to develop new relationships and broaden social networks
c) An improvement in heart functions and a stronger more efficient heart
d) Opportunity to participate in a social gathering

4. Indirect consequences of harmful drug use may include:

a) Poor nutrition and poor hygiene
b) Incurring a legal penalty or arrest from police
c) Changed behaviour due to the intoxicating affects of the drug
d) Experiencing the toxic effects of the drug

5. List the five dimensions of Health (5 Marks)

6. List three factors that can affect a persons view of health. (3 Marks)

7. List and justify 3 Barriers that influence people’s participation in physical activity (6 Marks)

8. Identify strategies where the principles of social justice have been applied to promote the health of individuals (5 Marks)

9. List 4 individual factors that may influence an individuals health (4 Marks)

10. Identify, describe and provide examples for the determinants of health (12 marks)